Kerri-Noelle is available for schools who would like to explore the process of working through the arts to increase student success. Workshops and residencies are unique to each school and designed to meet the specific needs of the classroom teacher or organization. Program fees are nominal (usually the cost of a substitute teacher for a planning day). These workshops are made possible through funding provided by the Collaborating Artists Program. 

Arts Integration Workshops


This residency will guide children to improvise imaginatively in response to the language and visual imagery from children’s books. (Examples: The Tiny
Seed, Esperanza Rising) Grades PK-8.

Esperanza Rising Cover


This residency will explore the basics of dance/movement, includes a writing day, a visual arts component, and culminates with students creating and sharing original choreography around one of the 5 components of SEL. Grades PK-8.

Arts Enhancement


Students participate in arts activities and receive instruction during the regular school day. The result is deeper understanding and appreciation of the art form and to give your students exposure to high quality arts education that is currently not offered in your school. Program fees are nominal. Dance at School offers two programs: First Position and World of Dance. These workshops are made possible through funding provided by Support the Arts License grant and the Arts in Education: Curriculum-Based Project Grants.

Dance at school


An introduction to dance principles, improvisation, and basic dance skills.

First Position information


Introduction to basic dance skills, history and culture of selected dance genres, and the study of the World Dances: i.e. Salsa, Tarantella, Gumboot, Hip Hop, and more. Dance studies can be tied to social studies curriculum (i.e. U.S. or World).

Teacher Resources

Professional Development

An introduction to dance pedagogy and resources to support the use of creative movement in P12 classrooms. The program addresses the psychomotor, affective, and cognitive domains of learning.  Workshop participants will actively explore basic dance concepts and consider adaptation in their content area(s). Program fees are nominal. These workshops are made possible through funding provided by Arts in Educations: Curriculum-Based Project Grants. 

Dance & Education

Kerri-Noelle Humphrey: 2022 Arts Education Fellowship Recipient

The Arts Educator Fellowship is a recognition award for exceptional teaching and personal mentoring of Alabama students within one or more of the arts disciplines as defined by the Alabama Course of Study. Recipients of this award have demonstrated excellence by

  • having a significant impact on the lives of students
  • embodiment of high standards in the discipline being taught
  • innovative programming relevant to the student population
  • commitment to inclusion, diversity, equity, and access in classes and extra-curricular student activities
  • advocacy for the value of arts education among colleagues and community
"Teach them how to do it!"